We Thank God For Not Being In The World Trade Towers On 9-11-01.

WTC Visitor RJF-4.jpg (238130 bytes)         WTC Visitor BDF-1.jpg (213382 bytes)
These 2 security pass pictures were taken by a World Trade Center Security Guard who granted us access to the second building on the day before it was destroyed. Only rescheduling for a speech in Oklahoma saved us from being among the scores of personal friends and business acquaintances we lost. Bob's daughter Doreen was caught in the black cloud. 9-11 was a reminder of what is important in the preciousness of life. 

WTC Smoking Ashes-1.jpg (751737 bytes)       WTC Smoking Ashes-2.jpg (573961 bytes)

These two World Trade Center smoking ash pictures were taken by Brian Flaherty shortly after 9-11 while the ash dust was still blowing around downtown area. 
We will always remember the friends we lost. 

May God Bless You.

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